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Michael Mejia

Baxter Of California Master Barber
Michael Meija

About Michael Mejia

Traditional to the core, Mejia specializes in bespoke haircuts that are bringing handsome back. His unique craftsmanship has created a secret gentleman’s society of sorts, where men gather for much-needed downtime and QT. It’s a rare-ifed kind of grooming that harkens back to an era of Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Steve McQueen.

On the menu? Hot shaves and nostalgic banter. On the play list? Chet Baker, Chuck Berry, Frank Sinatra and other suave crooners of yore. But what does the past have to do with modern style? In a word: everything.

“I’m channeling that same attention to detail and the same iconic looks. They’re dashing. Debonair. There’s a soul and sense of pride in every detail,” he says. Time spent in his chair is time immersed in badassery. Emerge a better man—with your best hair ever.

Over the last decade, Mejia’s portfolio and client list has grown to include athletes, Coachella performers, New York Fashion Week models and average gents seeking to ‘up the ante’ on their everyday vibe. He got his start for hair brands Sebastian and label.m, then became one of the original educators for Baxter.

He’s still onboard helping to create the ever-evolving curriculum and teach hands-on men’s haircutting techniques.

See his work: Instagram.com/Miv74

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