Mattison Perron
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Mattison Perron

Kérastase Tech Artist
Mattison Peron

About Mattison Perron

Mattison is an accomplished stylist and educator, specializing in all styling—from basic technique to editorial updos. She has taught stylists throughout the U.S., as well as abroad in Germany. As a member of the Kérastase content development team, she builds the curriculum that touches thousands of stylists around the world.

Entering the industry with a thirst for knowledge, Mattison was able to further her education through advanced training from Unite Academy, L’Oréal Professional, and world-renowned colorist, Michael Canale.

The ability to teach and inspire others became one of her top career priorities, joining the Kérastase TECH Artist team to teach in-salon classes and mentor artists. As an educator, Mattison takes the most pride in teaching stylists the tools they need to progress through a new style or technique—focusing on the art of producing luxurious, healthy, feminine hair.

Mattison Perron 's articles and advice

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