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Katie Lopez

Baxter Of California Master Barber
photo of Baxter artist Katie Lopez

About Katie Lopez

Katie Lopez has been in the industry for 14 years. Having a passion for sharing knowledge, she took to educating early in her career and just celebrated 12 years of teaching in her field. Always appreciating structure and balance, Katie kept hair cutting at the forefront of her career. Nine years ago, she fulfilled a long-lasting desire and made a move to specialize in men's grooming. Katie has been able to express her enthusiasm through daily haircuts, publishing editorial work and weekly education; all centered around the art of men's hair cutting.

Katie is 2014's Readers Choice for 5280 Magazine Best Barber. The men's department at Matthew Morris was awarded 2015's Readers Choice for Denver's Best Barbershop by 5280 Magazine. Most recently, she has become a master barber for Baxter of California. She has also been awarded the honor of being a 2015 NAHA finalist for Men's Hairstylist of the Year.

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