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Erik E. Taylor

Baxter Of California Master Barber
photo of Baxter of California barber Erik E Taylor

About Erik E. Taylor

This ABC Barber College alum honed his epic skills as an original member of the Barber Shop Club of Los Angeles, The Shave of Beverly Hills and the Jon Allen Men’s Salon. When he’s not cutting hair or with his family, you might find him riding his BMX at the beach.

He’s greatly inspired by Asian and Native American tribal art and music. His greatest professional inspiration is barbers of the past. His all-time favorite cut is the classic 1920’s pilot cut, but don’t worry, he prides himself on being able to replicate any picture of a haircut on most clients.

The things he loves most are cutting hair while listening to Take Five by Dave Brubeck. He counts celebrities Lawrence Fishburne, Reno Wilson, Shaquille O’Neil, and Pharrell Williams among his client list.

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