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Dilek Onur-Taylor

Matrix Artistic Director
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About Dilek Onur-Taylor

Throughout her 25-year-long career in professional beauty, Dilek Onur-Taylor mastered every aspect of the business—from the salon to the corporate arena to the educational platform—before assuming in her role as Matrix Artistic Director. She does it all with her unique style of brains, humor, sass, and talent.

In recent years, Dilek has begun to amass accolades for her work. She was a North American Hairstyling Awards finalist in 2013 in the texture category and 2016 in the avant-garde and texture categories. In 2014 she won the NAHA award for texture, and in 2016 she took home the NAHA award in the contemporary classic category. In 2016, she was also nominated in the behind the chair #ONESHOT awards in the texture category.

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