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Constance Robbins

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About Constance Robbins

Constance Robbins is a professional hairdresser based out of the Los Angeles area since 2004. She started working with Matrix Professional shortly after getting her license at the age of 19. Since then she has worked on the US and Global projects alongside prestigious international artists on photo shoots, hair shows, and video production. She specializes in dimensional hair color, cutting and styling with a focus on long hair.

Constance also has a background in photography and loves to do her photo work for hair projects. Social media is another passion that Constance integrates into her wheelhouse, teaching stylists how to utilize Instagram and digital branding to grow their business and their reputation in the industry. Constance has a two-chair private salon loft and photo studio in the heart of Southern California where she attends to her salon clientele and collaborates with other artists when she isn't traveling for education.

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