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13 Gorgeous Blue and Purple Hair Ideas | Hair.com

05 June 2018

Emily Arata

Senior Editor, Hair.com

05 June 2018

As an employee of L’Oréal, Emily works with celebrity stylists to make finding the right cut, color, or style easier than ever before. She's previously written for Allure, Elite Daily, and First We Feast.

So, you’ve been considering taking your hair in a wild new direction. Unlike regular ombre and dip dyes, we have a few techniques up our sleeves that will have strangers stopping you on the street to take your picture. Purple and blue hair? Check. Fiery phoenix mane? Check, check.

Whether you’ve just been through a difficult time in your life or can’t wait to celebrate something new, a drastic hair change can help. Rather than wear an itchy wig all day, settle into a salon chair. With these wild styles, you’re guaranteed a fresh start.

Holographic Hair

Let’s start with a brand-new technique, one that’s been making waves in the beauty community. Holographic hair is a color treatment that takes place over top of very light blond hair.

The stylist applies tones of green, blue, purple, and pink to a plate, pressing it against the hair in multiple places to apply and layer color. The result is a mesmerizing, multifaceted take on opalescent locks, and we can’t get enough of it.

Pastel Hair

Ah, the craze that started it all. Some of us aren’t meant to settle for brown or blonde hair. On the inside, we’re dying to let loose with pastel locks.

Whether you go for gold, pink, blue, or mint, we support your decision. Why fit in when you could cause a scene?

Cotton Candy Hair

Confession time: Cotton candy is not actually that appealing. It’s sticky and tends to accidentally end up in our hair. Instead of opting for a sugar overdose, we’d rather take a seat at the salon and give cotton candy hair a try.

Mixing shades of blue, purple, and pink, this fantasy hair color calls to mind children’s toys and long, hot days of summer vacation. Asking your stylist for very cool tones is the key to getting this look just right.

Unicorn Hair

Think of unicorn hair as cotton candy hair with extra sugar and glitter sprinkled on it. This hopped-up version of the festival favorite involves a range of cool brights, including green and yellow. If you’ve always wanted to wear a rainbow but can’t quite commit, give unicorn hair a shot.

Geode Hair

By now, you’ve surely seen geodes all over your social media. The ordinary-seeming rocks split open to reveal dazzling, jewel-toned interiors. If you’d consider decorating with these extraordinary pieces, why not wear them as a hair style?

Brunettes, this one’s for you. Ask your salon professional for deep chocolate roots that transition into deep blue, purple, and green shades.

Galaxy Hair

When it comes to choosing your next hair color, think outside the box. For that matter, think outside the planet with galaxy hair. The technique is inspired by the deep blue-black of space, not to mention the red, violet, green, and purple shades of galaxies.

To attain this color, you’ll want your stylist to mix a variety of rich shades evenly. There shouldn’t be any stripes or oversize blocks of color. While this look might take a fair bit of maintenance, it looks absolutely otherworldly.

Mermaid Hair

Here’s one for the girls among us who’d rather be at the beach right now. If you’ve always dreamed of trading your legs for a fishy tail, give mermaid hair a try. The ‘do mixes aquamarine with notes of green, resulting in an ocean-inspired melange of colors.

Pro tip: This vibrant hue will take a little extra love and care to stay lovely. Make sure you’ve talked it over with a stylist before fully committing!

Glow-in-the-Dark Phoenix Hair

Neon is often a polarizing subject. If you find yourself cringing at pastel hair and can’t stand the look of blonde, then we have an over-the-top style just for you. Phoenix hair is an electrifying mix of red, orange, and magenta, one designed for wild parties and elaborate Instagram photo shoots.

Feel like rising from the ashes of the winter? Phoenix hair is the right pick for you.

Sunset Hair

Sunset hair might be like phoenix hair in color scheme, but it’s far more dramatic. The style begins with deep violet roots that transition to red, orange, and pink before ending in lemon yellow tips. When it’s well done, sunset hair is fiery and deep—nothing you’d be able to look away from.

If the full spectrum is too intense for you, try a purple to magenta ombre. It’s the same bright color with a little less drama.

Graffiti Hair

Graffiti hair may have started among celebrities, but it’s certainly taken off now. The art-centric technique involves applying pigment in stenciled shapes, making this style optimal for very straight or short hair. Got a buzz cut? That’s even better.

If you’re an art child at heart, graffiti hair might just be your new hobby.

Color Blocked Hair

There are many ways to wear color blocked hair—across the bangs, in top and bottom layers, you name it—but no style appeals to us quite like half-and-half hair. Dividing your strands as if he or she is about to make pigtails, your stylist will dye each of the ponytails a different color.

In the past, we’ve recommended red and green, pink and blue—even purple and blue hair. It may be a bold, comic book-style look, but we’re feeling it.

Tiger Eye Hair

As far as whimsical looks go, the tiger eye hair trend is very subtle. The brunette-centric look, which has risen to popularity over the last few months, features blended stripes of caramel, copper, and bronze.

To fit into this list, we’d half expect the trend to call for full-on tigers painted in your hair. Still, the natural-looking style gives hair incredible texture and depth.

Rose Gold Hair

In the year 2017, there’s nothing we aren’t willing to pin down and paint rose gold. Whether we’re talking phones or hair, the pink-gold trend is fine by us. If you’ve been hesitating to fully commit to pastel tones, opt for something that’s rich and beach-ready.

To achieve the right shade, ask your stylist for notes of bronze and pink throughout your hair. Whether you’re a blonde, brunette, or something in between, there’s a way to make this look work.

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